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Exciting Experiences at the Burkina Faso

Exciting Burkina Faso

If you want to see a landlocked country oozing with a lot of greenery and travel pleasures then you should visit Burkina Faso which is a lovely landlocked country in the centre of the African hump. Situated in the Sahel which is the lovely agricultural region between the coastal rain forests and the Sahara Desert the major part of Burkina Faso is on a plateau filled with savanna landscape.

It is around 200 to 300 metres above the sea level and has lot of bushes, fields and trees scattered around. The River Mouhoun is the largest river here and is partially reached by small boats.

This is where you would find one of the largest population of elephants and there are many game preserves which are filled with the best population of warthogs, monkeys, hippos, lions and also antelope. Tourism is not very well developed here and the infrastructure is not such that one can have easy tours here yet it is a worthwhile place to see.

With an annual rainfall of around 100 centimeters, the hot desert winds increase the dry climate here. Burkina Faso is a place which has a cool season from the months of November to February and has a pleasantly warm and dry climate. The months of March to June are very hot and rains are found in the months of July to September.

This is a lovely region which is a secular state and is ethnically integral. The West African cultural groups belong to Burkina Faso. Most of the people here are Muslims and they adhere to a lot of religion of Africa. Protestants and Catholics form around 24% of the population and they have their largest concentration in the areas which have the urban kind of lifestyle.

The Mossi are the dominant ethnic group here and the Voltaic Mossi make up around one half of the entire population. The Mossi are descendants from the warriors who have migrated to the land which is today called Burkina Faso. The Mossi then established an empire that has lasted for more than 800 years. The group was made up mostly of farmers and was led by the Emperor of the kingdom of MOssi. The court of this kingdom was in Ouagadougou. Thus the Mogho Naba is a very respected figure here and he has a lot of authority than any other Burkinabe and has a great role to play in maintaining a lot of national harmony.

Burkina Faso is that sort of locale which totally dominates your travel imagination and totally enthralls you with its simplicity and gives you the relaxed pace of life with the added pleasures of great tour delights. So get to see the deserts here and also the Gorom Gorom market which is very popular here. The country side which is totally green lends more beauty to the place and the strange rock formations that are found in the southwestern part of the country are another way of spending time here.

With a great combination of the best cultures here, the Burkinabe who are the people from Burkina Faso are very diverse and special just like the terrain here. This is perhaps amongst the poorest countries in the entire world but today is quite stable and has a kind of efficiently which is the envy of all the places around.

The film festival, the wildlife safaris here and the beautiful Bobo Dioulasso and the capital Ouagadougou is what makes Burkina Faso very special and so it is an experience which you would never forget. Come to this part of Africa and enjoy the beautiful pleasures of being in a lovely land of thrilling escapades and natural delights.

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