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10 Trendiest Places To Live In Africa


If you’re looking to settle down, or to visit somewhere new and exciting on the continent, why not add Kiambu, Maputo and Osu to your list of possibilities. From relaxing cafe cultures and world class cuisine, to watersports and beautiful architecture, these lesser-known locations have a lot to offer.

We compiled a list of the 10 trendiest places to live in Africa.

Maputo, Mozambique

Known as the City of Acacias, referring to the abundance of acacia trees, Maputo is the capital, and center of trade and industry, in Mozambique. The city is growing rapidly, bringing together a mixture of cultures, including Portuguese – as a result of five centuries of colonization – and Bantu. The Mediterranean-style architecture and seaside location, as well as developed infrastructure, make Maputo the most affluent area in Mozambique.

Harare, Zimbabwe

As the leading financial, communication, commercial and trade center of Zimbabwe, Harare has a lot to offer its residents.

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Not only is Antananarivo – or Tana – the capital of Madagascar, it is also the country’s political, economical and educational heart. The stunning city’s rich culture cannot be missed, due to the abundance of architectural and historical influences, including the Rova, or royal palace. Furthermore, the local arts, including diverse music, performance and theater scenes, make Antananarivo the trendiest place in Madagascar.

Osu, Ghana

Osu is Accra’s prime commercial area and one of the most favoured destinations among local residents. The neighborhood’s rich history, which dates as far back as the 17th Century, developed around the then Danish Fort, Cristiansborg, also known as Osu Castle. With the fort later becoming a seat of government for the British colonialists and later independent Ghana until 2012, it became a major attraction for residents and businessmen alike.

Kiambu, Kenya

This former agricultural area has transformed to be the trendiest place to live in Kenya. This is because the advanced infrastructure, and the unique architecture of its houses, which exude elegance and luxury. Kiambu area is continually developing; it currently has three golf courses in the area, as well as shopping malls, and camping sites, to enjoy the surrounding Kikuyu farmland.

Grand Baie, Mauritius

This stunning coastal area is blooming with real estate developments, lively restaurants and luxury hotels with beach views. Grand Baie’s white sand beaches, numerous resorts and abundance of activities – including windsurfing, boat trips, and sailing – make the area appealing for tourists and residents alike. Renowned for being a safe area with easy access to local amenities, Grand Baie is the perfect place to settle down.

Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Tanzania’s largest, and wealthiest city, has a lot to offer any inhabitant. The city hosts a number of highly-regarded educational institutions and commercial buildings. For those looking to live surrounded by culture, Dar-es-Salaam has museums, botanical gardens and is home to traditional Tingatinga artwork.

Jinja, Uganda

The Jinja district is situated along the northern shores of Lake Victoria, near the source of the River Nile. It boasts of a number of luxurious hotels, resorts and motels, popular for their serenity and impressive architecture. Jinja is a desirable location for adventure and adrenaline junkies, looking to live nearby to such a popular spot for bungee jumping, white-water rafting, quad biking, sailing and camping.

Lagos, Nigeria

It is no surprise that the world’s seventh fastest growing city has a lot to offer. Lagos is famous throughout Africa for its vibrant music scene, as well as being the home of the Nigerian movie industry. If you are looking for culture, there are countless exciting opportunities in Lagos, from escaping to the exotic Tarkwa Bay Island, to exploring the famous Balogun market.

Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is located in central, coastal Morocco, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The city has the perfect mixture of coastal and inland activities on offer, from easy access to water sports and sunbathing to luxury shopping, and exploring markets. The dynamic city center is a hub of commercial activity, and Agadir’s four communes provide both luxury and affordable residential properties.

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